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We are too few to reach as many people as we hope to, so we ask you to lend a hand in sharing the word of God.


Our goal is to find writers who can inspire devotion and provide guidance on faith-related topics. However, we are also open to any other writing that is either entertaining or written from a faith-based perspective. We strive to be a comprehensive resource for all aspects of life, including health, family, child psychology, physics, and more. Therefore, any topic is welcome as long as it can help people lead a complete and meaningful life.


We are seeking funds to help print our booklets and tracts, which will be used to reach people in different parts of Nigeria and eventually other countries, spreading the word of God. If you would like to donate, pleaseĀ click here. Additionally, if you are interested in obtaining the rights to publish some of our works in other languages or regions, pleaseĀ click here. Thank you for your support.


To reach a wider audience, we need more individuals to share our materials online and offline actively. We invite you to join our Telegram channel for periodic links to share. It’s important to remember that you should prioritize your faith and draw closer to God before sharing with others.


If you are a publisher in Nigeria and want to help with the process, please get in touch with us. We aim to have printers in every state of the country.


We need more designers for our website and printing designs.


As we expand to larger projects, we require the services of lawyers to help establish our ministry. If you are interested in volunteering, don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you have any other things you’d like to volunteer or suggestions, please reach out below.

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