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This is our way of answering the call of Jesus to make disciples of all men through the spreading of the Gospel. We invite you to join by actively participating in this mission through prayer, donations, and sharing our booklets and blog posts.

About KYF


Jesus Was Not Just A Nice Man: On The Nature Of Christ And The Dangers Of Discipleship

Christians should be like Christ - walking the Narrow road that leads to life. This road is red with the blood of Christ and that of countless martyrs who have given their lives in service of the truth. We are weak, but Jesus prepares us to mature in the faith.…
Kenneth C. AlimbaKenneth C. AlimbaNovember 1, 202370 min

How To Be A Real Catholic

It can be easy to lose sight of the true meaning of things, especially when many people misinterpret or do things incorrectly. This booklet goes in-depth on what it truly means to be a Catholic and what the mission of the Church is. It is a great privilege to be…
Kenneth C. AlimbaKenneth C. AlimbaSeptember 18, 202327 min

Making Sense of God’s Existence and Catholicism

This is an introduction to a more advanced understanding of God based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. By familiarizing oneself with these teachings, one can begin to comprehend the purpose of existence, the essence of Christian worship, and our responsibility to serve others. This knowledge is intended to…
Kenneth C. AlimbaKenneth C. AlimbaSeptember 18, 202342 min
Sin Confession God's Mercy and Purgatory

Sin Confession God’s Mercy and Purgatory

Explore the depths of faith with 'Sin Confession God’s Mercy and Purgatory,' a concise yet comprehensive work tailored for every Catholic seeker. Delve into the profound truths of sin, confession, and the final journey, addressing common misconceptions while illuminating the boundless mercy of God. This insightful work offers clarity amidst…
Kenneth C. AlimbaKenneth C. AlimbaSeptember 1, 202337 min

Raising Balanced Catholic Children: Lessons For Parents

Parents may unintentionally prioritize certain aspects of their children's lives while neglecting others that are equally vital. This can lead to children being ill-equipped to face the world with courage, fairness, and self-control. This booklet provides valuable guidance on commonly overlooked lessons for parents.
Kenneth C. AlimbaKenneth C. AlimbaOctober 15, 202362 min


We Believe



Preaching does not only entail verbally sharing the Gospel. But also in supporting those who do.

But most importantly it is living of the Gospel in our own lives and bearing witness to Christ this way.